“The most dangerous question on earth: what do you want?” – Bryan Franklin

What do you want?

It’s a simple question. It’s a powerful question.

It’s a question that I’ve struggled with for a long time.

It asks us to explore what we desire most, and that’s not an easy task. “Hidden in our desires are all of our fears, are all of our hopes,” explains Bryan Franklin, Transformational Leader and Executive Coach. “A desire is the intersection of that which we love about ourselves, and that which we are afraid is the worst about ourselves.”


Asking The Question

I wrote the words in my journal, ‘What do I want?

Right here, right now. Blank slate. Everything up to this point has created the foundation for your future success.

So, what do I want? My mind goes immediately to, ‘What do I want that I don’t have?’ Hmm. Interesting.

What do I want? Why is that such a hard question to answer?

What about it makes me freeze up, second guess, and doubt myself? Do I wonder if my desires are pure? Do I question whether it’s actually ME that wants the things that I say I want? Am I afraid of what will happen if I really go after these things, and it turns out they aren’t what I wanted? Or am I afraid that if I go after them, and I don’t get them, that I won’t be happy? Or that I’ll consider myself a failure?

I don’t know. I don’t know why it’s so hard. But I’m ready to answer. It’s time to get real. To be honest, and authentic, and fearless.

Now’s the time to go after what I want.

What I want

I want…

  • To be happy.
  • To love myself and be proud of who I am.
  • To express my full potential.
  • To have the most amazing relationship with a beautiful, powerful, kind woman. Someone who makes me a better version of myself.
  • To have enough wealth so that we can live the lifestyle we want without worry.
  • To support people who inspire me, who are creating masterpieces, and who are capable of generating a massive impact.
  • To explore this planet and all of life’s incredible manifestations.
  • To be fired up each and every day.
  • To change the world. To elevate and advance the human race. To have an impact on generations hundreds and thousands of years from now.

What do you want?

Write the question. Sit with it. Feel the fear, the confusion, and the excitement. Then answer it.

What do you want?

And… how are we going to get there?

“If you can really get to the honest answer of ‘What do I want?’ and start to make that possible, that will be the unfolding of really who you truly are.” – Bryan Franklin