“Imagine aggregating and compounding tiny incremental Optimizations over an extended period of time. You know what we’d get? Magic.” – Brian Johnson

One of my favorite teachers, Brian Johnson, is committed to releasing a super short video and worksheet for 1,000 days in a row. It’s the 1,000-Day Epic Optimizing Challenge, designed to help us grow and get just a little bit better, every day.

I’m fired about the idea! So, I’m committed to taking notes on what Brian shares, adding my own insights, drawing some pictures, and completing the suggested exercise or +1. Every day.

Small gains, made consistently over time, add up to big results. +1 +1 +1. Bit by bit by bit, moment to moment to moment.

The 1,000th +1 will be on January 1st, 2020 – what will be my #12,233rd day alive. I can’t wait to see what happens between now and then, but no matter what, I’d love for you to join me on the journey! (As an aside, Optimize is hands down the best $10 investment I make every month.)

As a way to stay accountable, and to be open about what I’m celebrating or struggling with, I’m going to take a picture of my journal and share it on #instagram w/ the tag #optimizeplusone.


Since I’m also committed to disciplined recovery periods, taking digital vacations, and intentionally disconnecting, there will be occasional days when I don’t post. I’ll catch up and aggregate afterward.

Sign up to join the challenge here, (you don’t have to draw, that’s just how I’m rocking it) or continue to follow along on Instagram.

What would the world look like if each of us took extreme ownership of ourselves, optimizing what’s in our power

The +1s just started, and it’s already been transformational.

We’ve already explored:

  • How to stop thinking –> Breathe!
  • “No Pressure, No Diamonds!”
  • GRIT: Made by Passion + Practice + Purpose + Hope
  • Bring Forth: High Warmth & Kindness + High Standards = an amazing way to “bring forth” aka parent both children and yourself. (Don’t have kids yet, but the self-parenting definitely landed!)
  • Each moment we have a choice to step forward into growth or back into safety. Choose growth. “What one can be, one must be.” – Abraham Maslow.
  • We all have what the ancient Greeks referred to as Daimon, that voice inside that’s watching us and measuring our actions against our highest selves. Heart. Intuition. Conscience. Whatever you call it, the key to living a flourishing life is living in alignment with it.
  • How can we keep our daimon happy? By living with areté. Expressing the highest version of ourselves and our values moment to moment to moment. Happy Daimon = eudaimon = “good soul.” Who doesn’t want that, and want to be that?
  • Everything we desire is on the other side of our comfort zone. Rather than running away from fear, we need to learn to say, or shout, “BRING IT ON!”
  • WOOP! Wish. Outcome. Obstacle. Plan. The scientifically proven method to making your dreams come true. (And handling the day to day challenges of life)

Let’s have some fun!

The 1,000-Day Epic Optimizing Challenge