Hello and welcome! I’m Michael Balchan.

I’m an expert at helping people learn to better live, love, and lead.

My clients say that working with me changes their lives. They elevate their awareness, experience more joy, meaning, and fulfilment, and get to the next level both personally and professionally. As a Chicago-based executive coach and mental advisor, I’ve feel blessed to support CEOs, entrepreneurs, multi-millionaires, attorneys, traders, heart-surgeons, authors, producers, students, and parents.

My work draws on my Midwest roots, a Harvard education in economics and psychology, my experience trading, training, and leading teams in the commodity options markets, years spent working with and supporting brilliant leaders, a lifetime of international study and travel, extensive personal practice, and world-class learning strategies applied to 600+ books and almost 100 online courses and in-person trainings.

I also write, speak, teach, and produce digital tools, resources, and content to help you master your mind, optimize your life, and have a powerful and positive impact on others.

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