“I’ve realized the importance of The Other. When you’re connecting with someone else… that’s when the magic and the miracles occur.” – Adam Robinson

It’s been an absolute blast to connect with inspiring leaders, role-models, mentors, and friends to explore a wide range of topics – personal-growth, mindfulness, fulfillment, business, fitness, leadership, coaching, spirituality, politics, wellness, relationships, health, psychology, practical jokes and more.

The content below lives separately in many places. To make it easier to follow along, I’ve brought it all together here, with the most recent interviews at the top. I’ll try and update it regularly as new episodes get released.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for listening. Before you go, can you commit to doing something nice for someone else today, no matter how small?

– Michael

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1% Better Every Day – a talk with Michael Balchan  (Part 1) (Date: 2017/12/14)

“This video can’t even be introduced… If you’re looking for amazing, practical, bite-sized advice on how to incorporate small changes that turn into huge results in life, this is the video for you.

In today’s video, I interview Michael Balchan, mental coach to executives and inspired leaders, Harvard trained behavioral economist and psychologist with a master’s in Optimal Living, founder & CEO of, and all around amazing human.”

1% Better Every Day – a talk with Michael Balchan (Part 2) (Date: 2017/12/20)

“We are back with more amazing, practical, bite-sized advice on how to incorporate small changes that turn into huge results in life, health, success, happiness and more.

In this second half of the talk, I ask Mike about his plus one pic note art, which features his take of daily lessons from Brian Johnson’s Optimize Challenge. These daily illustrations make personal-growth playful, practical, and accessible.

The Quarter Life Comeback Podcast Episode 072: Plus One Your Performance With Michael Balchan (Date: 2017/07/16)
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  • How to rise above others with more talent than you
  • How to use your current job to set yourself up for success
  • Why you don’t need to make money from your passion
  • What to do when you’re not passionate about anything
  • The benefits of meditation and how to get started
  • How to get 1% better every day”

Glistening Particles Episode 40: Michael The Inspired (Date: 2017/06/05)
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“The Balchan Formula: Natural inquisitive nature + growth mindset + play = Inspiration infinity.”

Discover Your Inner Awesome Season 6 Episode 11 – Michael Balchan: What Is A Legacy (Date: 2017/04/10)
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“Inspired by our shared love for Hamilton (naturally), Executive Coach Michael Balchan joins us to talk LEGACY. We explore what it means to build your legacy, how caring about your legacy affects your decision-making, and discuss if a legacy even matters at the end of the day.”

My old friend Dylan surprised me during what I thought was going to be a catch-up conversation and recorded it for his new podcast, The Double Espresso Wakeup Call. Episode #20 is the entire conversation (~60 min), or you can listen to specific parts with episodes #21 (19 min), #22 (12 min), and #23 (10 min).

We had a lot of fun doing this, and are talking about making it a regular thing.

#20 “Surprise Podcast!” with Michael Balchan & Dylan Ardan (Date: 2017/04/05)
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#21 “The Scientific Method to Make Your Dreams Come True” with Coaches Michael Balchan & Dylan Ardan  (Date: 2017/04/05)
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#22 “The First Blog Post” with Coach Michael Balchan & Dylan Ardan  (Date: 2017/04/06)
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#23 “Shifting Perspective” with Coaches Michael Balchan & Dylan Ardan (Date: 2017/04/06)
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Inside Acting Podcast Episode 264 Michael Balchan (Part 1) (Date: 2017/01/24)
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“Michael does a lot of fascinating stuff—but as you’ll hear, we quickly get to the heart of what is, coincidentally, the one key thing both he and I feel is the quickest and surest way to level up in life, relationships, and career: mindfulness. In Part 1, Michael and I chat about how he went from commodities trader to mindfulness advocate, the perspective and space that a regular meditation practice can bring… and even do a mini-meditation session together. Doesn’t get any simpler—and that’s the challenge.”

Inside Acting Podcast Episode 265 Michael Balchan (Part 2) (Date: 2017/01/31)
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“This episode goes deep. Michael and I talk about the power of taking responsibility for everything, what it means to reconcile our inner dictator with our inner stoic, the subjective and sliding-scale nature of good and evil, and why living a free, open, and generous life is hard-wired.

Mindfulness is the thread that weaves all this stuff together. If you’ve been struggling to see the silver-lining in life and society lately, dig into this stuff. This is where it’s at.”

Inside Acting Podcast Episode 266 Michael Balchan (Part 3) (Date: 2017/02/07)
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“In this third and final part of our interview, Michael and I talk about the power of training our brains, the life-changing power of journaling—with a few takeaways you can implement in your own practice right away—and a bunch more. It rounds out an interview series that’s all about the power of intentional mindfulness: the impact we can have on the world when we’re present to the incredible power we each have available to us, every day, every breath.”

The Nathan Seaward Show. Episode #7: Michael Balchan (Date: 2017/01/23)
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“In this conversation we discuss Michael’s journey from Harvard to Options trading, why he eventually left that industry and started his own company (the answer may surprise you!) and why he wrote his book Meditation: What, Why and How to Meditate.

WTF 071: How To Master Your Mind Using Meditation w/ Michael Balchan (Date: 2016/12/14)
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“In this podcast you will learn:

  • How to use the secret power of mediation to take your life to the next level
  • How to increase mental clarity and reduce stress through meditation
  • How to upgrade your existing meditation practice
  • The biggest common mistakes to avoid when meditating
  • A simple hack to boost your willpower in under 60 seconds”

How to Find Your Top Priority in Life? Michael Balchan and Dynamic Dylan (Date: 2016/10/09)
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“Coaching, Time Management and Inspiration with Harvard University Graduate, Senior ‘Energy’ Trader, and executive coach. We chat about the importance of the fundamentals, officiating intramural athletics, priorities displayed via the calendar, the distinction between knowing vs. learning, and more!”