“Our global leaders are only able to do so much, and it’s really on us. To get to the next level of existence, it’s going to take each of us being our own leader.” – MB

“No matter what else is going on out there, I’m this consciousness in a body, and I get to breathe. And that’s pretty sweet.” – MB

Quick check-in: How’s your year been going so far? If you gained clarity on the idea or theme that was most important for you to focus on this year, how have you been doing with it? What progress can you celebrate? Or, if you’ve fallen off, what are you going to do to get back on track?

Many of you know that my 2017 is about being bold + seen + pro. So far, it’s off to a Goldilocks start – not too hot, but not too cold either. I hesitate to say “just right,” because I always want to be growing and pushing myself outside of what’s comfortable: 4% outside, to be exact. According to Steven Kotler, author and international expert on flow states, that’s the sweet spot for tapping into our greatest potential.

Practically, I’m improving the site to make it easier for you to find and apply the practices that will have the biggest impact on your life. Instead of launching updates over the next few months, I thought it would be fun to try creating 10x results in 10% of the time. It’s reinforced a lesson that I have to remind myself of repeatedly: take action!

I’ve also gotten started on my challenge to share insights, actions, and ideas with one million new people. 

One of my favorite ways to do so has been through interviews. So far, I’ve been on four podcast episodes released in 2017, in addition to the ones from the tail end of 2016.

Interviews + Podcasts

Check out the latest interviews here!

It’s been an absolute blast to connect with inspiring leaders, role-models, mentors, and friends to explore a broad range of topics – personal-growth, mindfulness, fulfillment, business, fitness, leadership, coaching, spirituality, politics, wellness, relationships, health, psychology, practical jokes and more.

To make things easier to follow along, I created an Interviews page that will be updated as new content is released.

If you’ve already listened to at least one podcast, I’d love for you to:

  • Start applying one insight in your life, today. (If you haven’t already)
  • Tell me what you thought and what you’d like to hear me discuss in the future. (Even if you’ve already done so, I always appreciate more feedback! Email, text, facebook, twitter – they’re all good :)

Here are a few of the latest episodes. Although there are a few common threads that run throughout, each one is unique and tells a different story.

  • WTF 071: How To Master Your Mind Using Meditation w/ Michael Balchan (Date: 2016/12/14) “In this podcast, you will learn: How to use the secret power of mediation to take your life to the next level. How to increase mental clarity and reduce stress through meditation. How to upgrade your existing meditation practice. The biggest common mistakes to avoid when meditating. A simple hack to boost your willpower in under 60 seconds.”
  • The Nathan Seaward Show. Episode #7: Michael Balchan (Date: 2017/01/23) “In this conversation we discuss Michael’s journey from Harvard to Options trading, why he eventually left that industry and started his own company (the answer may surprise you!), and why he wrote his book Meditation: What, Why and How to Meditate.
  • Inside Acting Podcast Episode 264 Michael Balchan (Part 1) (Date: 2017/01/24) “Michael does a lot of fascinating stuff—but as you’ll hear, we quickly get to the heart of what is, coincidentally, the one key thing both he and I feel is the quickest and surest way to level up in life, relationships, and career: mindfulness. In Part 1, Michael and I chat about how he went from commodities trader to mindfulness advocate, the perspective, and space that a regular meditation practice can bring… and even do a mini-meditation session together. Doesn’t get any simpler—and that’s the challenge.”
  • Inside Acting Podcast Episode 265 Michael Balchan (Part 2) (Date: 2017/01/31) “This episode goes deep. Michael and I talk about the power of taking responsibility for everything, what it means to reconcile our inner dictator with our inner stoic, the subjective and sliding-scale nature of good and evil, and why living a free, open, and generous life is hard-wired. Mindfulness is the thread that weaves all this stuff together. If you’ve been struggling to see the silver-lining in life and society lately, dig into this stuff. This is where it’s at.”

Thank You

You’ve all been tremendously supportive! Thank you to everyone who’s invited me to serve their audience, or connected me with other inspiring people. Thank you as well to everyone who’s listened and shared their experience with me.

As always, I’m incredibly grateful for your support, and appreciate all that you do.

One last request: before you head over to the next email, or the next article, or the next – whatever – pause for a moment and take 3 deep, conscious breaths. Breathe in for six, hold for two, and out for seven. #Repeat.