Hello and welcome! I’m Michael Balchan.

I work with inspired leaders, helping them fall asleep satisfied and wake up excited to do, serve, and be just a little bit better.

I’d love to help you do the same.


My work draws on my Midwest roots, a Harvard education in economics and psychology, my experience trading, training, and leading teams in the commodity options markets, years spent working with and supporting brilliant leaders, a lifetime of international study and travel, extensive personal practices, and world-class learning strategies applied to 600+ books and almost 100 online courses and in-person trainings. (You can read more about my personal story here.)


My one-on-one clients are the kind of people who want to change our world – and are actually capable of doing it. We work together through a mix of strategic advising, executive coaching, and peak-performance, personal-growth, and well-being consulting. I’ve also been blessed to partner with incredible organizations to help them create products, programs, and clients.

In addition, I’m an author, keynote speaker, and workshop facilitator. Most of my ideas start on this site – where I regularly publish articles and resources. (Sign up below for updates and instant access to all of the free tools.)


I’ve been told that I’m “an amazing supporter and celebrator of people, and also an amazing supporter and celebrator of life.” I’ve also been called “brilliant,” a “genius,” and a “true Renaissance man,” which I think are mostly testaments to my upbringing and all of the people who taught and encouraged me along the way.

All I can say for sure is that I’m doing my best to be honest and give love as I live in integrity with my highest values, continuously growing myself so that I can offer my greatest gifts in service to others.

If that sounds like something you’re excited about, you’ll find a few ways to get started below.

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